Neck Injury And High Energy Impact

Where a neck injury could be involved and you are the first to respond, please do not move the person unless… There is danger of fire or explosion… The person needs to be moved due to being on burning hot asphalt or road… There is danger of the vehicle rolling off of a drop… Respiration … Read more

Chiropractic Treatment For Neck Pain Need Not Be Painful

Chiropractic treatment for neck pain has, over the years, gained a varied and colourful reputation… Three of the biggest arguments that create doubt in a prospective patient in choosing chiropractic treatment for neck pain are the issues of Safety… Efficacy and documentation prooving that chiropractic ‘works’… Comfort… Despite popular press attempting to make Chiropractic unpopular … Read more

Arthritis In The Neck – How To Decrease Pain And Inflammation

Arthritis in the cervical joints most commonly occurs in the form of Osteoarthritis… Rheumatoid Arthritis… Ankylosing Spondylitis… And less commonly as Septic Arthritis … which is  dangerous; so we will talk about that one first… Septic (Viral Or Bacterial Infection) Arthritis. Arthritis in the neck can come about through an infection… This is an emergency situation … Read more